Financial Analysis : Operations Management

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Operations management has been the most crucial part of a business since people started trading goods and services. Operations management deals with the development, manufacturing and production of the goods and services which are then marketed and sold in the market for a profit. It involves and oversees the research and development sectors all the way through production of the goods and services to meet the customers’ requirements. Simply stating, operations management deals with the responsibility to ensure that all of the business operations are efficiently and effectively executed by using the least amount of resources but maintaining the quality standard of the company. Financial analysis plays a crucial part in maintaining a successful and efficient operations management in a company. There are multiple financial ratios which are very helpful to understand the proper management and execution of different sectors within operations management to decrease the cost and expenditures of the company and increase profit and earnings. Food and beverage industry is a multi-billion dollar conglomerate of different sub divided industries. Industries like Pepsico Inc., Tyson Goods Inc., Coca-Cola Co., Anheuser-Busch InBev, and ConAgra Foods, Inc are some of the largest food and beverage industry companies in the United States and Canada. These companies have been successful in creation, development, production and distribution of goods and services to not only customers in
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