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LG Financial Analysis BUS 650 Dyneka Russell Professor Badley January 9, 2017 Financial Analysis: The LG group LG is one of the largest manufactures of electronics in the world. In fact, they are on the of largest seller of mobile phone. However, it will a slow start for this particular company. The original name for LG was Lak Hu which was a trading concerns due to cosmetics and trading. By the 1960’s, the electronics expanded was named Gold start. With that name not providing the recognition that they desired, they expanded into LG electronics which how that they got a global name. This name signified the originator of LG products which is Luck Gold star. LG Corporation Pro-forma Financial Statements…show more content…
I wanted to looked at their statements for 2015. The statements will include the cash flow, any equity within the company, and all of the reports that focus on the financial success of the company. Oftentimes, many companies use the financial statements to forecast the new year. However, I’m reviewing the financial statements for 2015 in comparison to 2016 show the progress and areas of improvement that are needed for the company. The statement that I’m reviewing does show the decline in cash flow based on category. This the effect of trade receivable and unfortunately represent the state of affairs of the company’s debt. When doing inventory, the was a significant

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