Financial Analysis : The Nursing Shortage

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Financial Analysis The nursing shortage in the health care setting, can affect the quality of care and the overall outcome of the patient’s health. Hospital’s having lower numbers in nursing staff can have an adverse effect on the organizations. This can result in higher incidences of hospital acquired pneumonia, urinary tract infections, decubitus and falls with injuries. The acuity level of the patient’s entering the hospital continues to rise because there are a lot of patient’s delaying to seek prompt medical attention. As these things occurs, the skills and amount of the nursing staff need to be ready and available for the patient’s as they entered into the health care setting. Although inadequate nursing staff can have an adverse effect on the patient, this can also have a financial impact on the organization. After conducting an interview with two co-workers, an analysis will discussed concerning the financial problems identified within the organization. Second, there will be a discussion of the potential budget impact of two financial problems identified in the organization. Third, a discussion regarding the role of nursing in process of analysis with the budget development within the organization. There will be further discussion of the budget development within the organization from the chief of nursing, nurse in manager and staff nursing prospective. The purpose of this paper is conduct an analysis of the potential budget impact of the financial problems
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