Financial Analysis: Toyota, Honda, and Nissan

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Financial analysis of Toyota, Honda, and Nissan Toyota analysis in comparison to Honda and Nissan Toyota has hit the headlines over the years over the defects in several of their models which has sent it on a public relations and safety campaigns relating to its vehicles. Notably is the Toyota safety campaign in North America for certain models of Toyota as well as Lexus brands concerning the floor mat entrapment of accelerator pedals, later on it extended to other models in November 2009. One of the biggest recalls in the recent history of Toyota was the North America, China and Europe that was experienced in January 2010. This recall was associated with the sticking and slow-to-return accelerator pedals. Later on in February 2010, Toyota announced yet another recall that was global and related to the anti braking system software program in some major brands like Prius. On May 10, 2010, Toyota received another setback when there was an inquest by NHTSA on the timing of its announcement of the 2005 recall of certain pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles for a possible issue with the steering relay rod. The Toyota woes were not over as on December 21, 2010, Toyota and NHTSA announced that they had reached a settlement with respect to the relay rod and Toyota paid approximately $32.4 million in the aggregate to the U.S. Treasury It is known that Toyota has various other legal actions, other governmental proceedings and other claims pending against it, including

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