Financial Analysis : Verizon Wireless

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Financial Analysis – Verizon Wireless Financial Analysis – Verizon Wireless Introduction: Mobile is most useful invention of the science and technology which has helped the world to stay connected. Verizon wireless is the largest mobile network operator in the United State with its head office based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Verizon wireless is the most reliable and largest wireless communication service provider providing services such as voice, messaging and 3G data product with total customer base of more than 110 million. Verizon wireless is a trade name which is used by Cellco Partnership Inc. in U.S. Verizon wireless is a joint venture between U.S. based Verizon communication and U.K. multinational giant…show more content…
Cellular. Among all the competitors AT&T is the biggest competitor of Verizon, Verizon acquired “Alltel wireless” in beginning of year 2009 to overtake AT&T and become the largest wireless mobile network company in U.S. For a wireless communication company the two things are very important which will help a company to become the supreme leader in the market and those two things are Coverage & Customer service. Due to wide coverage and most efficient customer service Verizon has become the largest Wireless communication company in U.S. Ratio analysis Accounting information is used by management in various ways to make the business decisions. Accounting information is used to compute financial ratios and comparing the financial data of one period with other. Various Ratios are used by the managers and accountants for controlling the functioning of the organization. These ratios are also known as accounting or financial ratios, these ratios play very important role in the organization. Following are the ratios of Verizon wireless for last three years:- Liquidity ratios: These ratios are computed to judge the short term liquidity of the business. Two most important liquidity ratios are current ratio and quick ratio. These ratios determine the ability of firm to meets its current liabilities out of its current/quick assets. Analysis of the liquidity ratios of Verizon wireless unveiled the fact that the company liquidity position
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