Financial Analysis : Wal Mart

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Today, the world’s trend in operating business focuses on data availability to enact the best suitable decision to improve, develop, and increase business revenues. Moreover, the availability of data helps to monitor and control the quality of provided products or services. However, the availability of data without proper analytics operations would have no meaning (1). Data analytics provide an important aid to an organization to figure out their position in the market in comparison with their competitors. Also, data analytics helps to identify what is the organization’s competitive ability in the market, what they should bet on, and what they should strive for. With that being said, many of today’s most successful organizations utilize…show more content…
Given my work experience in the banking sector, I believe that the critical factor in order to implement outstanding measures of the business is the number of customers’ records in our systems and the customers’ financial transactions (3).

The Bank’s Ability of Analytics The old management of the Saudi Investment Bank had enacted poor decisions due to their approach in making executive decisions. The old management used their professional experience and assumptions to enact big decisions. This approach has cost the bank millions of dollars, as an internal consultant department announced (4). For example, the bank was well known in the time of its establishment as a corporate bank. The bank had not accepted to open individual accounts. At that time, the bank was the first corporate bank in Saudi Arabia. However, the bank did not act seriously to capture a new segment of customers. As a result, the bank has failed to compete with other banks. By the time, the higher management of the bank has changed to a new management that believed in statistics and analytics to conquer the market. The bank started to focus on capturing a new segment of customers, thus it finally decided to open new branches and proceeded to expand its retail banking sector. Due to limited resources, the bank had to decide in which area the bank should open branches to gain a huge number of customers to convince the board of directors about the importance of the retail
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