Financial Analysis of Bestwish Limited

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Company Overview
Bestwish Limited ('Bestwish') is a for profit company producing wide range of product ranging from quality, gift dressing, greeting cards, wide range of plush merchandise and inventory of more than 50,000 units. The company produces different categories of products ranging between 2 and 15 processes. Typically, Bestwish produces standardized direct sales product designed for customer on contract basis. The company generally faces challenges in controlling costs due to large number of stock units and varying production process and reliance on indirect costs. Bestwish Limited recently closed the account for the 2010 fiscal years, and the company was finalizing the 2011 budget. However, Bestwish is intending to analyze 2010 financial statement to evaluate the company financial performances.
The focus of this report is to analyze Bestwish 2010 financial statements to access the company financial viability.
Task 1
Attn: Audit Committee of the Board
From: Finance Director
Subject: Financial Statement Analysis
Date: 03 April 2013.
This report evaluates Bestwish 2010 financial statements to ascertain the accuracy of the company financial records, and to ensure that the company financial statements are in line with the laid down regulations established for the limited company. The report evaluates the viability of the company Financial Statements using:
Statement of Comprehensive Income
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow Statement.
Company financial statements

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