Financial Analysis of CanGo

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Many problems can be found between its managers and employees. It is imperative for CanGo to better understand its company by making wiser business decisions in the future. One important recommendation for CanGo is to adopt a mission and vision statement. By creating a mission and vision statement, CanGo will have something to look forward to in the future. The mission and vision statement will narrow the focus of CanGo and enable it to choose only the path that best fits the company. Up to this point, CanGo has made decisions without thinking how these decisions will affect the company in the long run. However, if CanGo adopts a mission and vision statement, their standing would improve among its competitors since everyone would be on one accord with what the company is set out to achieve and accomplish. In this paper, I will provide a financial analysis of CanGo. Later, I will provide strategic recommendations that will guarantee a brighter future for CanGo. CanGo has experienced many financial problems due to poor decision making. For example, in 2009, CanGo used proceeds from IPO, better known as initial public offering, to buy an online gaming company. This was a poor investment based on two reasons. First of all, it can be very difficult to predict how a stock will fare off on its first day of trading versus upcoming days in the future. Second, initial public…

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