Financial Analysis of Sprint

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Sprint Financial Analysis Introduction Objective of this report is to carry out financial analysis of Sprint (Sprint Nextel Corporation). The analysis is to evaluate the company financial and stock performances between 2009 and 2011. The evaluation's objective is to determine whether Sprint is the best competitive and favorable deal for HTC (High Technology Corporation). Company Description Sprint Corporation is a global communication company focusing on both business and residential customers. The company line of business is in digital wireless communication service and Sprints FON. The company offers local, long distance and wireless communication service at local, national and global level. (Sprint Nextel, 2010). Between 2009 and 2011, the company recorded a decline in the net income making the company to record 3-year average of -7.83% in Return on Assets (ROA), -34.06% in Return on equity (ROE), and -9.36% in Return on investment (ROI). The report carries out industry analysis to compare the company with its peers. Industry Comparative Sprint operates within the wireless telecommunication service industry that provides voice, data transmission, mobile and other telecommunication services. The retail consumer industry has two basic revenue segments that include prepaid and postpaid and the industry consists of 600 companies recording over $144 billion annual revenue. (Helmer, Wexler-Beron,.& Renery, 2006). However, the industry is highly concentrated by four

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