Financial Analyst

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1. I learned that, being an entrepreneur, you are required to take more risks than anybody else. Flying a plane with no direction is a constant casual situation in business. In this area of business, emotional breakdown and surprises are going to appear all the time. b. I think I earned the scores because majority of the trait that I lack are financial management. Managing my money has always been constantly a trouble for me. To be an entrepreneur, you have to be cautious on what you spend and what you purchase. Paying for mortgages , paying for rent and making key investment are some of the key examples of being a successful entrepreneur. However, I’m a big risk taker, and I’m very ambitious. Which are two of the biggest traits to…show more content…
3. There are numerous business that thrives during different economy situation. For example, during a depression, the demand for online business course or education course will rise. This is because, people are looking for ways to save money without paying numerous amount of tuition to learn something. However, in other situation such as a booming economy, business of luxury chocolate stores or luxury items stores will strive. This is because people are able to afford much more luxury items with a booming economy. Demographic trends plays a big role in business success too. For example, the increasing number of Chinese immigrant, will help local Chinese food business to rise. Or rising tends of 2 income families will increase the sales of day care person/school. Different economic, demographic situation creates different business opportunity. One must utilized or adjust their business model base on different situation to create profit maximizing busin 4. The only trait that I think would be a slight potential failure is creativity. Creativity to a certain point can definitely help business expand and innovate. However too much creativity will sometimes kill your business. This is because an entrepreneur
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