Financial And Business Implications Of Target Corporation Essay

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Abstract Target Corporation was affected by the security breach it was the largest breach that ever happened. This document will explore how many people were affected, what is the effect on Financial and Business implications from the data breach, Lawsuits against the target company, How did the company handle the crisis like when did the company discovered the breach and when did the customers were notified. Introduction About target: Target store was first opened on May 1st 1962 Minneapolis of Roseville, it mainly focused on suitable shopping at reasonable discount rates. Today, Target is providing best shopping experience for the customers by producing different types of products with outstanding quality. Now, Target Corporation has become the second-largest discount retailer in the United States, it has around 2000 stores in the United States, 38 distribution centers in the United States. Security breach: If a person (known as a hacker) access the system without their official permission and the private or personal information is stolen from that system then it is called has Security breach. Data breach timeline: As per John J. Mulligan, he is an executive vice president and chief financial officer for the Target Company, the dates in the Target breach are as follows:  November 12, 2013—intruders breached Target’s computer system. The intrusion was detected by Target’s security systems, but the company’s security professionals took no action until notified by law

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