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Financial Article Review The topic of Taylor's keynote speech is not an original one: he wants to know, share, and understand how the financial crisis in the first decade of the 21st century occurred. The method or approaching in tackling this issue is more original: he contends that some of the greatest factors influencing the onset of financial catastrophe is due to policies. At the heart of Taylor's argument is the presence of policies that created a sort of breeding ground for such a crisis to occur. The time period of his focus are the years 2000 2008. Taylor refers to a loose-fitting monetary policy as one of the catalysts for the crisis. Throughout the speech, there are charts and graphs that reflect, analyze, or synthesize the text/speech, so as to avoid redundancy. He states that a loose-fitting monetary policy contributed to the historic drops in interest rates from 2001 2004, improving by 2006, but never reaching the heights seen in 2000. He contends that the choice to lower the interests rates were in response to counteracting the problem of deflation, from which Japan suffered in the 1990s. After spending some time deliberating upon the local reasons why the crisis occurred, he expands his search for the reasons of the financial crisis on a global scale. Taylor explains the logic behind how the investment choices of companies, markets, governments, and industries influence and connect with the policy-making that lead to the crisis. Though Taylor is
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