Financial Break Even Point

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What will be the financial break even point? Given the incomplete data, it is hard to quote any specific figure. Elements that need to be conidered include the amount of workers that the agenyc employs, the calibre and brand of tools that they purchase as well as the details of other 'material' and quality and quanitty of this material. Their location needs to be considered; their amount of rental; expense for utilities; travel expense, detials of office equiqment, and so forth. Only once these and related information is known can one figure out the financial break even point that the agency needs to make in order to make a profit. What is the source of investment capital? The company partners with financial and real estate corporation will invest in agency. How will you use financial information to craft a business strategy? Financial information will be used in both self-evaluation of organization and competitor analysis, in which, as competition, I will know from financial information how to best strategize my competitive approach and to diversify ourselves so that we can service a large range of needs whilst still making a profit. I will also know how much we can afford to charge this is the cost-based approach and it would also help me decide how to make my niche. In fact, accurate assessment of financial knowledge will inform me of the suitability of the business in terms of its economic sense; whether it is suitable in terms of its environment and capacities,
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