Financial Characteristics Of Health Care

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Financial Characteristics of Health Care Essential healthcare management includes the financial growth and feasibility of the health care organization. In order for a healthcare organization to reach its full potential it needs to be fully staffed with both medical and managerial professionals, as well as having the funds to invest in the most up to date technology. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation “Baseline estimates show that over 41 million individuals were uninsured in 2013, 61% of uninsured adults said the main reason they were uninsured was because the cost was too high or because they had lost their job”. The EMTALA or Emergency Medical Treatment And Labor Act or anti-dumping law was enacted in 1986 it was designed to prevent hospitals from transferring the uninsured or Medicaid patients to public hospitals without providing a medical screening examination to ensure they were stable for transfer first. Regardless of their options to pay, they are to be seen and treated with life-saving and "stabilizing" emergency care with transfers to advanced trauma centers, if need be. Effective Human Resources coupled with a balance between cost and revenue are essential to being able to provide quality Health Care. It has been proven these elements all play positive roles in contributing to the overall efficiency of the system. An organization can enhance the quality of health care provided just by focusing on the major components. In today’s economy, funding of the
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