Financial Characteristics of Health Care Essay

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Financial Characteristics of Health Care Pamela S Hill HCA 340 Wanda Carter October, 16, 2011 "Quality healthcare management includes the financial growth and viability of the healthcare organization. A healthcare organization can realize quality healthcare management only when it is fully staffed with medical and managerial professionals and is able to invest in the most advanced equipment". ( In 2009 it was reported that 46 million Americans were uninsured. In 2011 the uninsured has risen to 50.7 million people. This was due to people losing their jobs, the recession, companies downsizing, and some companies dropping employee health insurance. What can this really mean? With just one person being uninsured in the United…show more content…
The average cost to insure a family of four is already about $14,000”. (USA Where do human resources fit into this health Care system? “The management of human resources is an important function within HSOs because the performance of HSOs is tied directly to the motivation, commitment, knowledge, and skills of clinical, administrative, and support staff. Human resources actions of HSOs are undertaken for both strategic and administrative purposes. A variety of human resources activities are included within the human resources area, and these activities typically fall within the domains of workforce planning/recruitment and employee retention. While human resources serves as a support function for line managers within HSOs, line managers and staff managers carry out human resources management roles as well, because they are involved in hiring, supervising, evaluating, promoting, and terminating staff. Therefore, human resources staff and other manager’s work closely to ensure, that HSOs perform well. The contribution of the human resources management function is increasingly being evaluated by senior management, similar to other organizational functions, to determine the net contribution of human resources staff to organizational success. It is likely that management of human resources will increase in importance in the future, as HSOs face heightened external and internal pressures to recruit and retain committed
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