Financial Contingency Planning: Sources of Funding in Hawai'i Corrections System

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Financial Contingency Planning: Sources of Funding in Hawai 'i Corrections System The increasing population in prisons has called authorities to consider parole because this program reduces caseloads for the parole staff as with small amount of cases, it reduces the time utilized on nonviolent criminals and alternately spent more on the offenders with high public safety risk. In addition, the parole calls for state to provide staff with appropriate equipment and mandate that enables faster procedures that does not necessarily require return to court that can lead to imprisonment hence releasing population pressure in jails. In Arizona, there has been a 12 percent drop in the prisoner population from Hawai’i. Its prison population has …show more content…

Reopening the facility will return almost $5 million to the local economy and reduce recidivism rates. In addition to the Kulani decision, the committee made significant progress in a lot of other areas of the budget – in particular, regulatory functions of the government. (Eagle, 2013). New methods in financing prisons and other public institutions, like court houses, schools, and equipment are being developed by both state and local governments. Generally, voter approval is not subject to these types of alternative financing arrangements. However, voters have challenged such alternative financing efforts in court. By reducing the prison population by 10 percent would save approximately $3 billion dollars per year just by moving inmates into the parole system. When searching for various means to save money, cut expensive and ineffective programs and policies, simply implement policies that reduce the numbers entering and returning to prisons is the most effective means to save money and keep communities safe. For long-term increases in public safety, reduce prison population will be the result if done correctly. Recommendations from the Justice Policy Institute in the following areas to improve public safety and save money. First, re-examining incarceration policies violations of parole conditions and small time drug offenses to include nonviolent crimes. Explore alternatives that are non-incarcerated and community-based.

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