Financial Crisis Facing Jackson Health System

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Key issues
• Economic problems o Unemployment o Closure of small firms o Tourism and construction industries hit by economic downturn

• Costs of health care o Increases in uncompensated care costs o Hospitals suffered financially to varying degrees during the economic downturn o Approximately 53% of the US population do not have a usual source of care o 21% cannot afford prescription drugs while 30% went without the needed care due to the high costs

• Poor economy of the community o High rates of unemployment o Unable to afford healthcare insurance o High population of immigrants

• Teaching hospitals o Little competition within their neighborhoods o Support from Mt. Sinai Teaching Hospitals and Jackson Health System

• Independent physicians o The region has the highest number of independent physicians o Physicians prefer to practice in small groups of 50 o There is a strained relationship between the physicians and the government

• The Jackson Health System o Financial crisis confronting Jackson Health System o Closed two, attributed in part to a significant decline in volume at these facilities, and, more recently, lost the contract for a third one o Poor governance

• Safety net o Affected by the financial crisis at the JHS o The relationships among providers are often more competitive than cooperative.

Situational Analysis
Despite the economic downturn’s severe fallout on Miami’s business enterprise, land and construction sectors and some hospitals are expanding on…
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