Financial Data Analysis

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Financial Data Analysis

Tracey White


April 15, 2013
David Mier

Financial Data Analysis

In addition to delivering health care of the highest quality, another main goal of a health care organization is to remain profitable and viable through effective financial management. In an effort to do so, members of administration along with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) work diligently in attempting to maintain and sustain a successful health care organization by monitoring the flow of cash (in and out) in accordance to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), while ensuring the needs and wants of the consumers are met. With this being the case, health care accounting skills are equally important in
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When figured, 48% of revenue was spent on salaries and benefits in 2009 compared to 51% in 2008. The other significant change in depreciation of expenses resulted in a 69% increase from 2008 and 2009. Last but not least, although the net income is still in the negative, improvement is obvious and the facility is looking to recover in 2010. In review of the balance sheet, appears a significant difference in liabilities and equity. Shown is a drastic increase (248%) in long term debt. The possible explanation for this change may have been the result of the hospital acquiring a loan for a new treatment center on campus (property, plant and equipment). With this being the case, explains the increase in inventories that are up 118% from 2008 to 2009. Again, financial statements are effective tools in helping organizations determine their financial positions in the health care industry. The use of balance statements help determine the amount of assets, liabilities, and equity over long term, while statements of revenue and expenses provides an overview of profits minus expenses short term. In the case of Patton Fuller Community Hospital, per the admission of the CEO, the facility suffered a financial loss; however, with patient net revenue up, they expect future financial statements to show a continued profitable
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