Financial Expansion Into Investments And Its Impact On The World Market Essay

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2. Risk Management Strengthen financial expansion into investments that are responsible or sustainable invest-ment, long-term business investment that specializes in providing reasonable returns and consistent-ly, create a value-added to shareholders and stakeholders. Focus on a process of risk assessment of business opportunities that are standard across organization, measures to manage, edit and prepare a management plan for business continuity as supporting the crisis (Business Continuity Plan). To reduce the risk from refined petroleum are highly volatile oil prices on the world market, the Company has implemented risk management to reduce the impact on the business objectives at both the short and long term as followings; (1) Short-term risk management: The risk of fuel price fluctuations on the world market in the short term. The company daily monitors the changing situation of world market fuel prices and report to management. The proposed contract hedges, changes in the price of fuel when the timing is right. Therefore, Bangchak Company has set up the company appointment subcommittee enterprise risk management (Risk Management Sub-Committee - RMC) according to results of operations and systems management, and risk management as well as targeted policies and risk management in the business of the company resulting from the refinery, fuel price fluctuations by controlling the fluctuations in business levels that have an impact on earnings minimal. (2) Long-term
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