Financial Incentives For Non Financial Incentive Programs

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Introduction Companies around the world are reducing their financial incentive programs but rarely used in other ways motivate talented people. Many research findings are to provide individuals with a satisfactory salary, some non-economic incentives extra cash than long-term employees in most industries, job functions and business environment to participate more efficiently. Many financial rewards mainly generate energy to enhance short-term, it can have devastating unintended consequences. Indeed, the economic crisis, the urgent need to reduce costs, actually balance short and long-term performance, so that business leaders an excellent opportunity for financial and non-financial incentives to re-evaluate, through and beyond the recession will serve their companies best combination. Let people do their best work, even in difficult circumstances; it is one of the most slippery challenge managers persistent. Nowadays, work has become more knowledge-based, less strict definition. In this case, employees can help them by generating ideas and use them as the building blocks of new and better products, services, and workflow capabilities to improve business performance. Many practitioners and scholars now agree that to motivate the individual innovations to contribute to organizational success (Van Baldwin, 1986; Amabel, 1988; Axtell et al., 2000; Smith, 2002; Unsworth and Parker, Year 2003). To achieve a continuous flow of innovation, employees need both

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