Financial Information From The Balance Sheets And Financial Statements Of Listed Non Financial Firms Essay

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For this research I need financial information from the Balance Sheets and Financial Statements of listed non-financial firms. According to the previously discussed theory, entrusted loans can be tracked down on the lender 's side more easily, not only because of the distinctive movement in their balance sheets, but because bigger, listed corporation usually face much stricter reporting obligations, thus it is easier to acquire their financial data. The Standard and Poor 's Capital IQ database (Standard and Poor 's, 2015) provides financial data on listed corporations all around the globe. It has a great coverage of data across countries and time periods for all sectors. All the data is provided in million US dollars. The database uses the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) (Standard and Poor 's, 2008), which categorizes firms into 10 sectors, with further sub-groups for better transparency. Since I am only interested in non-financial corporations, firms, whose principal activity is not finance, such as a telecommunication or a railway company, I have to drop all financial companies from my sample. GICS designates the financial sector with the number 40(Standard and Poor 's, 2008), thus non-financial corporations are defined as firms, whose industry classification is not equal 40. As it is very important to only have non-financial corporations in my sample, any firms with ambiguous or missing industry classification, was dropped. Previous research on re-lending
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