Financial Investment And The Investment

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In 20th century, the financial investment is an unfamiliar industry to every family. People usually save their money in the bank, some of them even keep their money at home. However there are some special outstanding people has already know the importance of the financial investment and right now they become one of the richest man in the world. Such as Warren Edward Buffett. Because of the influence of these people. More and more people start to know and learn how to get profit from financial investment. Nevertheless not everyone has a father who is financial manager and have a chance to study in the university. Therefore most of people prefer find a financial adviser who can help them and using their money to invest on different financial products. So that the financial adviser became a very popular job. They help investor to find the suitable financial products and get salary from them. But there were some unethical financial investment companies use ignorant of the investor to earn more profit. One of the simplest yet most effective investment scams is the ponzi scheme which happend. The promoter promises investors a very high return on investment and says it is secure, but there is no real 'investment '. These investment scams make financial investment industry to lost the trust from their investors. ( For this reason the financial investment industry and the world countries governments right now are not only…
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