Financial Management : Key Performance Metrics

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Section 1 Financial management encompasses a broad array of different methodologies, key performance metrics, and news and events, amongst many other segments. From the smallest of public companies, to global giants, data is continuously compiled and analyzed to gauge performance and predict future trend. Of course, these studies can never be completely accurate, as market performance is unpredictable and sometimes quite volatile. It’s because of the unknown that the constant fluctuation of individual stocks and overall markets is present. These fluctuations are tied to many different factors, including the key data that companies release. It’s from this data, such as annual reports, that analysts can gauge the performance of the company and investors can decide the fate of the share price from the buying and selling activities they perform. Other events also play a major role in the markets and in the overall examination of financial management, such as initial public offerings and secondary offerings, and these instances provide fuel to an already complicated system of gauging and predicting the market. Truly, the factors used to analyze a market are limitless. Even extraneous variable, such as bond yields, are used to predict future market movement. In the below detail, some of the general facets of financial management and market analysis will be examined. Our discussion of the issues of financial management for the scope of this project have been directed at the major
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