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This is because the data that is provided will help them to determine if the company is a good long term buy. Recently, Facebook has been attracting a lot of interest based upon their IPO and the analysts' views that the firm can provide 5 year earnings growth of 27.19%. To fully understand what is taking place, there will be focus on the firm's business activities, vulnerabilities, financial performance and stock price. Together, the different areas will highlight the underlying strengths and weaknesses of the company. ("Facebook," 2012)
Company Overview Facebook is focused on providing customers with a way to interact with each other through their web site. What happens is different users; will utilize this to stay connected with friends and family around the globe. At the same time, the company has a strategy that allows developers to create specific applications that could be used on Facebook pages. This has resulted in the firm seeing a total of 845 million active members. Out of this number there are total of 443 million people who will visit the web site on a daily basis. This has led to the company introducing a marketing service that will allow everyone to connect with each other. For advertisers, this is an effective platform for reaching out to specific demographics of customers (based upon their interests and…

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