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Financial Analysis of the McDonald’s Corporation MCD, NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) One McDonald's Plaza, Oak Brook, IL 60523 Map +1-630-6233000 (Phone) +1-630-6235700 (Fax) Abstract McDonald’s is the most famous and well-known fast-food company in the world. This case study examines McDonald’s from a financial standpoint. This case study will be broken down in three parts. Discussed first will be a full description of McDonald’s corporation, including its background, followed by a financial overview with comments for each financial category reviewed, the a comparison of financial ratio’s between McDonald’s and it rival Burger King derived from their 2009 and 2009 annual reports. Finally a support will be provided based off…show more content…
Peter J. Bensen is responsible for the corporation’s financial status as Chief financial officer. He also serves as the Executive Vice President. The business is then managed as distinct geographic segments that include the US (Mike Andres), Europe (Doug Goare), Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa (Tim Fenton), and Other Countries & Corporate (OCC) including Canada, Latin America and Corporate. They all oversee McDonald’s organization, which employs over 1.4 million people worldwide (McDonalds, 2011). Main products and services McDonald’s food products include hamburgers and cheeseburgers such as the Big Mac, several chicken products which include burgers, chicken nuggets, French fries, pies, cookies, soft drinks, coffee, other beverages. McDonald’s also serves breakfast items and salads (McDonalds, 2011). Geographic area of operations McDonald’s restaurants can be found all over the world. Currently McDonalds operates more than 33,000 restaurants globally. The restaurant chain can be found on every continent in over 119 countries (McDonald’s, 2011). Recent developments As of March 2012, McDonald’s is pushing it first major TV ad campaign for Happy Meal in a long time. Morrison (2012) states that ‘McDonald's is putting its embattled Happy Meal front and center with a new national TV campaign.” McDonald’s ad campaign concerning the happy meal will shift towards a healthier menu. Morrison (2012) also states that McDonalds’
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