Financial Performance Management

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Article On “Financial Performance Management” Prepared By MD. MOSHIUR RAHMAN MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK Uploaded on: 02/06/2013 Abstract The assignment on financial performance management has been done based on the information and requirements of course outlines. The contents cover the important information about the financial sourcing and risk management that measures financial performance of an organization. Here it is given that liquidity and stability are central to the survival of organisations; this unit examines the importance of financial resourcing on an organisation’s performance. The business environment and business activities are subject to risk and uncertainty and students will examine how…show more content…
Financial budgeting is equally important that is used of resources to specific purposes and to particular accounting period, is really very crucial for management planning and strategic decision making and business controlling processes. There is strong need of resource allocation to provide and support various direct and indirect cost and staff salaries to carry out the work of the institution and to create a good image of the organization in market place (Lousseau & Goodman, 2011). Reallocation of the financial resource is important to have a large staffs excluding sufficient or enough resources for carrying out the tasks and the process of reallocation can be used to change the way the programs are delivered. The findings on availability of financial resources shows that the managerial decision making may impact on financial sourcing for the organization and in that case decision making may be decentralized with financial resources, subdivided among various organizational units. So, the need for financial resources within a strategic plan is an important factor for organizational management and strategic decision making within the organization. It helps the business to take optimum advantages with minimum effort, the gain is calculated in making strategic decision making by the top management of enterprise that
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