Financial Performance Of The Business Management

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Financial As the final results of the business management activities to be reflected by the financial situation of enterprises, so the enterprise financial evaluation methods as a fundamental evaluation system. BSC is not to deny the importance of setting financial data, but to correct may cause financial goals are not good achieve,due to too much emphasis on the traditional financial measures and ignore non-financial measure, making financial goals clearly, can better meet the need of enterprise strategy in different growth stage. The main evaluation index generally includes: return on equity, asset-liability ratio, return on investment, accounts receivable turnover, inventory turnover, cost reduction rate, operating profit and cash flow, etc. Customers Nowadays, the customer is the most fundamental drivers of enterprise achieve its strategic business objectives. Customer level indicator mainly reflects the interests of customers, to explore customer value, to provide customers exceed their expectations ' products and services. BSC requires managers to declare themselves as customer service into concrete evaluation indicators, the indicators should be able to truly reflect the factors related to the customers. To evaluate customer performance indicators mainly include: market share, customer retention, customer get rates, customer satisfaction, customer profitability (Kaplan, and Norton, 1998). Internal business progress Traditional performance measurement system is only
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