Financial Performance of an Organisation over a Five Year Period

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CHAPTER 1 TOPIC CHOSEN AND ITS TERMS OF REFERENCE 1.1 THE BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF GUINNESS NIGERIA PLC FROM 2006-2008 The financial statement of any enterprise should provide sufficient information to enable individuals assess its profitability, viability and performance in order to enable them make informed economic decisions. Financial and business analysis is the process of identifying the strength and weaknesses of a firm, both financially and otherwise, by properly establishing relationships between the items on the balance sheet and income statement. This analysis gives room for a better understanding by users of the figures in the financial statements. IASB (2003), asserts that “the financial position of an…show more content…
Key issues that evaluate business performance would be considered. Such as, market share product innovation, marketing, corporate governance stance etc. Finally, conclusions will be reached based solely on the analysis carried out. This conclusion would form a basis of assessing if an objective of this project work has been met. Furthermore, where suitable, recommendation would be made and directed to appropriate quarters/units/persons CHAPTER 3 3.0 INFORMATION GATHERING In carrying out this research work, I gathered and used information from primary and secondary sources. 3.2 PRIMARY SOURCES The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) proved to be very useful. I visited the NSE to obtain a copy of the financial statements of Guinness Nigeria Plc. Its contents were detailed to help me carryout my analysis. The report contained the chairman’s report, directors’ report, historical financial summaries and additional financial information which provided adequate information for this research work, both financial and otherwise. 3.3 SECONDARY SOURCES 3.3.1 CONVENTIONAL LIBRARY RESEARCH: This source was as a result of my electronic research. I used search engines on and to identify some relevant library books that would prove useful. After which I proceeded to my alumni’s library in Yaba College of Technology where I found some of the books. I also made use of a couple
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