Financial Plan For The Third Year Of Operation Schedule

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Financial Plan According to estimation, our company --- Medifacespa will get much more profit in the third year of operation schedule. The previous year of financial growth will be driven by equity investment as well as debt financing. The following table will give the detail about our financing plan . It is worth to mention that, our assumptions and schedules are based on realistic estimation and forecasting, 7.1 Important Assumptions As we can see from the table, we set the interest rate of borrowing at 9.5% . Because our business is consisted by two parts the one is retail and the other one is wholesale. And our retail sales will mainly be finished on credit cards. There is a three-day payment’s postponement on these sales. We assumed that wholesale clients will averagely pay the payment in fifty days and thus in one year our business will be on terms. we evolve our customer group ( wholesale) this number is increased to 80 percentage on year five we estimate out payment to merchants will use 40 days . 7.2 Key Financial Indicators We will compare five indicators in terms of how much the data will change as time goes by. In this case for the indicator we chose, it comprises the gross margin ratio, sales data, , operating expenses, collection days , and inventory turnover ratio . It is an excellent way utilize the indicator value comparing the different concept in the same bar chart. The reason for us chose those indicators as the reference, because both of these
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