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Scott Poppen Poppen 1 Expository English Mrs. levenberg May, 4th, 2014 Career Project Section 1: Job Description/Duties The role of a financial planner is to help groups or individuals with the use of their investments, income, taxes, or savings. This includes helping people with their immediate or long term financial goals such as a small investment or retirement. This job comes with immense responsibility because a financial planner is entrusted with another person’s money, and just one wrong investment could lead to the loss of a client.…show more content…
Working in an office setting is not very appealing to me, which is okay because financial planners have the option to work independently at home. However, this requires a great deal of time and effort because this would mean having to start marketing your services and would have to build a strong customer base. Section 5: Wages and benefits The average salary for a financial planner is 50,000 a year which is great because it will allow me to live the life I want to live. The amount of money a person in this career can make is zero to over a seven figures. This depends on the level of experience you have and if you are willing to go above and beyond what the bare minimum. If you work for a firm in this profession they will provide insurance, sick leave, and a paid vacation depending on the firm, but an independent financial advisor is not provided with these luxuries services. Section 6: Employment outlook The employment outlook for a financial planner is supposed to have a thirty two percent increase in the role over the next ten years. The good thing about this is that when I get out of college I will be able to find a job for this career fairly easy,
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