Financial Position of Tesco PLC

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Introduction The relevance of evaluating both the financial performance as well as position of Tesco PLC cannot be overstated. This is more so the case given the need to determine the stability and viability of the company going forward. This text seeks to evaluate the financial performance as well as position of Tesco PLC by amongst other things analyzing the entity's financial statements. In this case, the evaluation will be based on the company's recently published annual accounts.
Tesco PLC: Company Background Yahoo! Finance (2012) describes Tesco PLC as a company that "operates stores that primarily offer food products, as well as general merchandise, clothing products, and electrical products." In addition to that, Tesco PLC is also involved in the provision of insurance, financial as well as banking (retail) services (Yahoo! Finance, 2012). Taking into consideration the number of branches it has in various parts of the world, Tesco PLC can be regarded one of the largest retailers around the globe. Having been established sometimes in the year 1919 by Jack Cohen, the company has surely come a long way (Tesco, 2012). The phenomenal growth of Tesco PLC over time can largely be attributed to both the unwavering vision of the founder and the selection of a competent team of managers to run the company's operations during its growth phase. Currently, the company top management team comprises of its CEO Andrew Clarke, its Chief Financial Officer Laurie Mcllwee and Tim

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