Financial Projections Of Platinum Pizza Shop

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Financial Projections
Financial projection an important part of the business plan since it helps the business owner to effectively allocate resources. In the business plan, financial projection section comes after undertaking market research and come up with clear objectives (Fridson & Alvarez, 2011). Since financial projections are possibly the most challenging section of the business plan, there is need to ensure all factors, related to the financial matter, to make sure that these projections are created based on reality. About the business plan of Platinum pizza shop, research has been done on hotel and restaurant industry, to review financials of different companies in this industry. This research is helpful in making financial projections of Platinum pizza shop. In presenting financial projections, the main focus will be on the balance sheet and an income statement of Platinum pizza shop.
Income Statement
Income statement refers to the financial statement that helps in evaluating a company 's financial progress over a particular accounting period (Robinson, 2009). The financial progress of a particular company is evaluated by providing a summary of the manner in which the business sustains its revenues and expenses through operating and non-operating undertakings. An income statement also indicates the net profit or loss suffered over a particular accounting period, usually over a financial quarter or year (Robinson, 2009).
Platinum pizza shop Income Statement for the
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