Financial Ratio Analysis

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------------------------------------------------- FINANCIAL RATIO ANALYSIS PROCTER & GAMBLE | PFIZER INC JANIE PRINCE FINANCE 405 | FALL 2012 ------------------------------------------------- Company Backgrounds Procter & Gamble William Procter and James Gamble, immigrants from England and Ireland respectively, met when they married into the Norris family. Their father-in-law suggested they build their own company since both men had useful trades- Procter was a candle maker, Gamble a soap maker. The two officially became business partners in 1837 with the founding of Procter & Gamble. 2012 celebrates “175 years of innovation” and seven generations of providing the some of the most well known products…show more content…
The surge in revenues and development of product lines resulted in Pfizer moving to Manhatten in 1868 to support its rapid growth; the headquarters remained there for nearly a century. In 1880 Pfizer created citric acid and quickly becomes the leading product as Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola gain popularity and demand more of it. This marks another turning point in growth for Pfizer as citric acid launches this company into another market. 1899 marks the 50th anniversary of Pfizer Inc producing high-quality products in an efficient manner while consistently striving to produce greater products. A leader in the chemical business, Pfizer is anchored by the industrial and pharmacological industries. In 1919, research in citric acid allows Pfizer to develop it without having to depend on European citrus growers; this invention spurs chemist Jasper Kane to begin the process for unlocking the key for large-scale production of penicillin. 1939 marks the year that Pfizer is recognized for being the leading company in fermentation technology. 1941 to 1944 are pivotal years for Pfizer as they invest millions of dollars to produce over five times more penicillin than originally anticipated- a feat that earns Pfizer the Army-Navy “E” Award for being the world’s largest producer of the “miracle drug”. Pfizer went global in 1951 in countries including Belgium, Canada, England, and Mexico, becoming instantly successful through direct immersion of its employees in

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