Financial Report for David Jones Essay

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Financial Report Analysis for David Jones Ltd Table of contents 0.0 Introduction ------------------------------------------------------- 1 1.0 Strategy Analysis ------------------------------------------------------ 1 2.0 Accounting Analysis --------------------------------------------------------- 4 3.0 Financial Analysis --------------------------------------------------------- 9 4.0 Prospective Analysis -------------------------------------------------------- 18 5.0 Conclusion and Recommendation --------------------------------------- 19 6.0 Reference ------------------------------------------------------- 20 7.0…show more content…
1.2.3 Substitute Products Threat The range of products of the industry is wide; as a result, customers are able to consume the same products in different stores. Therefore the threat of substitute is quite high. 1.2.4 Bargaining power Due to the fact of price sensitivity is high, consumers are willing to consume identical product with lower price; they stand on a strong bargaining position. On the contrary, suppliers have relative strong bargaining power because the high concentration of the industry. 1.3 Competitive strategy analysis In the DJs annual report 2011(David jones Ltd 2011), the major differentiation from their competitors is their "home of brands" strategy and continually updating the brand portfolio and offering exclusive brands in order to reinforce the position as Australia's fashion authority. "As an example in retailing in Australia, DJs has succeeded on the basis of differentiation by emphasizing exceptionally high customer service."(Palepu et al.2010, pp.37). For a customer who is willing to buy a g-star shirt, DJs provides a wide range of products including this shirt and offers consumers options without additional spend. DJs has been achieving a competitive advantage for its differentiation. 1.4 SWOT Analysis 1.4.1 Overview SWOT analysis includes the analysis of strengths,

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