Financial Report of Arup Group

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The Arup Group

Financial Report


Introduction 1

Market Research 2

Analysis: * PESTLE 3 * SWOT 5 * Porter’s Five Forces 6

Finance 7

Conclusion 10

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Arup is a professional service firm specialising in engineering, design, planning, and project management and consulting services for the built environment. Arup is a global firm, present in Africa, North and South America, Australasia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It has nearly 10,000 staff based in 92 offices spread over 35 countries with its headquarters situated in London, UK.

Sir Ove Nyquist Arup started the firm known as Ove N.Arup, Consulting
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Or perhaps to for projects in developing parts of the world.
* Change in values – nowadays people prefer economical than luxury. Also attitude to the environment has changed in the last 30 years so there are greater issues concerning carbon emissions, recycling, renewable and new sources of energy. * Despite the change in values many people are confused about how to deal with the issues [14] * Aging population – pensions are likely to be higher [15] * Migration – greater availability of skilled foreigners, however the UK is cutting more jobs for non-EU workers who would be cheaper. [16]

Technological * State of the art – innovations, “outside the box”, revolutionary designs/constructions * New processes and materials for construction innovation * Sustainable materials and carbon emission reduction – innovative [5]

Legal * Age and gender discrimination – the company can be sued by employees and the government if it is felt they were prejudice [17] [18] * Health and safety – projects must abide health and safety rules and legislations * Planning permission – all planned projects in the UK must have planning permission awarded by the government according to the Town and Country Planning Act of 1990 [3] * Waste
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