Financial Risk Of Higher Education Essay

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Financial Risk of Higher Education In the United States, postsecondary education is not paid for by the government, therefore Americans rely on both private and federal student loans to finance college. The issue with this is the liability that comes with student loans. Borrowing money seems to be the American way, from credit cards, to house and car mortgages, to student loans, but is this method a worthwhile investment in one’s future, or is it a financial disaster? Both “The Remediation of Higher Education and the Harm of Student Debt” by Jeffery J. Williams and “Student Loans: Are We Getting Our Money’s Worth?” by William Elliot explore this issue, but vary slightly in their focus. Williams takes the stance of how college funding has lost much of its funding from the federal government since the 1980s and how student loans are currently detrimental to many of the people that have used them. He focuses more on appealing emotionally by relying on several quotations from other people. Elliot also mentions the loss of government funding for college but mostly discusses the impact that student loans have on society and education in general. Elliot is more persuasive than Williams because he takes a more balanced approach to student loans, offers different perspectives to consider, and uses more fact-based data than Williams. In the first article, Williams really explores how student loan debt negatively impacts people in a way to argue against them and imply for a reform to
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