Financial Statement Analysis : Business Model Of The Neo Valves

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Financial statement analysis is an evaluative method of determine the past, current and projected performance of a company. It is helps to understand the risk and profitability of a company by analyzing annual and quarterly reports.
When we observe the financial statements comprising the balance sheet and profit and loss account is that they fail to reveal all the information related to financial operation of an organization. It will provide a summarized view of the organization. Therefore in order to critically examine profitability and constitution of the assets and liabilities it is necessary to carry out comparison of financial statements with the help of ratio analysis.
⦁ The management of the company is responsible for taking decisions and formulating plans and policies for the future.
⦁ It is important to company because they can obtain useful information for their investment decision making purpose.
⦁ It is helps to extension of credits.

⦁ To understand the business model of the neo valves.
⦁ To understand company performance, through ratio analysis, balance sheet & income statement analysis.
⦁ To know the revenue and expenditure of the company.

⦁ As far as academic purpose is concern the time period falls too short to analyze and understand the complete details of the company’s financial statements and analysis.
⦁ It is time consuming process.
⦁ Majority of the time
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