Financial Statement Analysis Project Apple vs Dell

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FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS PROJECT Comparison between Apple Inc. and Dell Inc. Accounting and Financial Analysis Spring 2013 Done by: Table of Contents: * Introduction * Horizontal Analysis * Significant Percentages * Ratios * Inventory and Depreciation * Liabilities * Cash Flow Analysis * Audit Report Analysis * Investor Analysis * Conclusion Introduction Apple Inc. (Apple), incorporated on January 3, 1977, Apple 's headquarter is based on Cupertino, California. Apple 's mechanism is to innovative products and a user-friendly interface. Apple provides products and services internationally to nearly 400 stores in 14 countries. Moreover, Apple designs, manufactures and…show more content…
This was the biggest and highest-profile of a number of legal trials around the world, centered on the use and alleged abuse of patents in a highly competitive mobile market. On the other hand, In July 2010 Dell Inc. agreed to pay a $100 million penalty to settle SEC charges of disclosure and accounting fraud in relation to undisclosed payments from Intel Corporation. Michael Dell and former CEO Kevin Rollins agreed to pay $4 million each, former CFO James Schneider to pay $3 million to settle the charges. Both companies have come in contact with environmental issues, particularly given the recent trend toward sustainability and “green” practices. In 2007, Dell undertook the initiative to become the greenest company. It is important to note that although ultimately going green is cost effective, it does require investment upfront. Meanwhile, Apple is still under fire for its lack of environmental consciousness. As of right now, Apple has converted some of its products to be more environmentally friendly. But, legally speaking, Apple may have to face significant costs in the future to atone for its environmental gaffes. As of 2012, Dell is suffering from lower market performance while Apple

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