Financial Statement Analysis for Glaxosmithkline Bangladesh Limited

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List of Graphs [pic] Figure 1: Analysis of Sales Revenue 2010 9 Figure 2: Analysis of Sales Revenue 2011 10 Figure 3: Analysis of Sales Revenue 2012 10 Figure 4: Current ratio 16 Figure 5: Acid/Test Quick Ratio 17 Figure 6: Profit margin Ratio 18 Figure 7: Asset turnover 19 Figure 8: return on asset 19 Figure 9: Return on shareholders equity 20 Figure 10: Earning per share (EPS) 21 Figure 11: Price/Earning (P/E) ratio 22 Figure 12: Price/Equity ratio 22 Figure 13: Dividend per share (DPS) 23 Figure 14: Debt to total asset ratio 24 Figure 15: Net assets value per share 25 Figure 16: Market price per share 27 List of Tables [pic] Table 1: Analysis of Sales Revenue 10…show more content…
This change of name takes place following global merger of Glaxo Wellcome and SmithKline Beecham in December 2000. The Company has a total number of employees over 671 with an efficient management team. A team of 181 field-force including 11 line managers covers countrywide on average 2000 daily calls to 22,000 target doctors, while there is a strong team of distribution personnel engaged in distributed activities to cover average 19,000 customers including retailers and wholesalers through own distribution channel in 11 District Marketing Offices throughout the country. In Bangladesh, GlaxoSmithKline holds the 6th positions in pharmaceutical industry having a market share of 15.6% (as of September 2007) occupying strong hold in key therapeutic areas like Respiratory, Anti-infectives and Vacciness. Brand names of some major products of the company are: Ventolin Inhaler, Ceporex, Zinnat, Parapyrol, Zantac, Piriton, Dermovate, Betnovate, Dextrose, Engerix-B etc. Mission Statement [pic] “Our mission statement explains why we are in business. Our global quest is to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer. Our mission gives us purpose. Our size gives us opportunity. Our spirit gives us the qualities as individuals and as organization that will enable us to turn our opportunities into achievements. Our sprit will guide us, keep us
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