Financial Statement Analysis of Bata Pakistan from 2005-2010

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Running head: Financial Statement Analysis of Bata Pakistan

“Bata Pakistan”; Financial Statement Analysis
From 2005 to 2010
Anum Fatima
Section: B
Lahore School of Economics

This report is submitted as partial requirement for Financial Statement Analysis of Pakistani Companies to Dr Farooq Chaudhry
This paper does an in depth analysis of Bata Pakistan Limited. It includes a brief summary of accounting policies and standards of the company. The analysis revolves around financial statements, their horizontal and vertical analysis. It also includes a detailed analysis of different financial ratios to measure different aspects of the company’s performance. Weighted average cost of capital is calculated on the basis of which
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Recognized expenditures, related to an item of property plant and equipment, are added to the carrying amount of asset when future economic benefits are expected. To measure the impairment of non financial assets, at each balance sheet date the carrying amount of assets id revised to check for any impairment loss. If such is the case then recoverable amount of the asset is calculated. Recoverable amount is higher of an asset’s fair value less cost to sell and value in use. The company’s rubber factory represents assets that are leased out under the operating lease and that has been leased out to a third party for processing products and is included in the fixed assets of the company. Their depreciation is calculated in the same way as done for the other assets.
Intangible assets are calculated on initial recognition at cost. After that they are carried at cost minus any amortization and impairment losses that are accumulated. If such assets have finite lives then they are amortized over that life and assessed for impairment if any. The amortization mechanism is reviewed at least once every financial year. This expense is recognized in the income statement. Gain and loss from intangible assets are measures as the difference between net disposal proceeds and carrying amount of asset and recognized in the profit and loss account.
The investments of the company have fixed maturity and the company intends to hold till maturity. These

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