Financial Statement Of Walmart

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WALMART AND TARGET CORP. FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Retail industry has gradually become the second largest industry, in terms of employment rates and establishments in the united states, it is the leading is estimated to be generating approximate of $5 billion annually in retail sales. For example, Wal-Mart is the leading retail shop in the world. It has an annual income of $312 billion and has a workforce of around 1.3 million in the united states and internationally it has more than 400,000 associates. It is an international corporation that was established in 1962. It controls a larger market of the retail industry, this is by their widespread chain of grocery stores, supermarkets and department stores. Target corp. has faced dynamic changes, which includes changing of its name from Goodfellow Dry Goods, as it was known originally to Dry Goods Company, since its establishment in 1902. The name target Corp. was incorporated in 1962, to date it has opened multiple distribution centers and stores in the united states and the rest of the world. As a result of stiff competition target Corp. has ventured into online business and diversified to fashion forward merchandise.…show more content…
Walmart have tried to reduce the prizes of goods in the market. This was based on the market analysis, that indicated that consumers are driven with the best prizes in the market. Walmart was able to meet the consumers’ satisfaction with lowering products prizes, and for the retailer to still be profitable they had to cut employees’ salaries to curb the gap. On the other hand target corp. had a different approach, they still sustained good wages to their employees, and they started to tap other markets to expand their territories, this resulted to chain of distribution
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