Financial Statements For The Year Ending

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B Financial Accounting (BA315) Final Project 1 Financial Statements For the Year Ending December 31 st , 2013. Soda Pop Organics, Inc. Financial Accounting (BA315) Final Project 2 Table of Contents: 1) Introduction : 2) Background & Nature of Operations : 3) Organizational outlook and future: 4) R evenue, assets, liabilities, and shareholder’s equity : 5) L iquidity ratios, financial leverage ratios, and profitability ratios : 6) O bservations : (a) Ratios (included after ratio data) (b) Future Growth (c) Recommendations Financial Accounting (BA315) Final Project 3 Objective : D etail ed financial statements provided by Soda Pop Organics, Inc. (SPOI) , analy sis of the organizati on’s statement of cash flow, bala nce sheet, and income…show more content…
SPOI also has beverage lines that include other soft drinks, flavored waters, and organic teas which mirror the markets their competitors compete in. Organizational outlook and future: SPOI has initiated several plans for the future development of their company, which all c ulminate in a 12 year plan up to the year 2025. SPOI has committed to add 25 bottling and distribution centers (both domestically and internationally) to their existing logistics chain by the year 2025. Further, by the year 2025 the y will add over 150 farms in new and developing countries around the world, committing $1.2 million per year for the next 12 years. Finally, SPOI will look to increase their exposu re in international markets, this will increas e the brands worth , with an investment of $2.5 million ann ually for the 12 years . Revenue, assets, liabilities, and shareholder’s equity : (Figures in millions) SPOI currently operates with net revenues of $43,854 for the year ending December 31 st , 2013. When crediting the cost of goods sold $17,211 against net revenues, we return with a gross profit of $36,643. SPOI has s elling, general, and administrative expenses of $ 16 , 549 and other operating charges of $671, that credit against the gross profit to give operating income of $9,423. Factoring in int erest income ($425), interest expense

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