Financial Status Of The Cvs Corporation Essay

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For my project I decided to analyze the financial status of the CVS Corporation. CVS is one of the largest retail pharmacies in the United States and a fortune 500 company. The word of mouth from friends that currently work for the CVS Corporation and my consistent positive encounter with company as customers propped my curiosity about the company. Additionally, the CVS Corporation’s mission to lead their costumers to a better health and the corporation’s innovative attributes were also determining factors in my decision to evaluate the CVS Corporation (” CVS health,” 2015). The innovative attribute of the corporation as depicted by the company’s portfolio and other market spectators is impressive. It is commendable that the corporation has positioned its self in communities across the country as a pioneer of efficiently run health care specialty clinics that provides the underserved communities with excellent, affordable, and accessible health care (“2014 CVS health annual report”, 2015). Although, not surprised by the CVS impressive financial portfolio when compared to other similar firms within the health industry, the extent of the corporation’s financial bliss is pleasantly amazing. The corporation is currently in competition with financially healthy companies such as WalMart, Walgreens and target to name a few; and the market cap for CVS is 117.01Bilion dollars compared to the industry’s average of 3.45 Billion dollars. Unfortunately, the CVS market cap is second
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