Financial Strength And Position Of Axa

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Executive Summary. This report was written to research and analyses the multi-faceted AXA firm that operates all over the world. It will go in depth to see the financial strength and position of AXA and also see its ability against its competitors. This report will look at the investments of the firm, including analysis into the balance sheet and profit and loss. While also looking at the sources and uses of funds. Included also will be a share price evaluation and how the results of the earlier analysis could explain the fluctuations of the share price. Background AXA is, a multinational investment bank firm that started in France, its headquarters are held in Paris. The company operates as a group of smaller companies in areas such as,…show more content…
The decision is made after research into the capital required, the risk involved in the investment, and any potential returns involved. The results of the firm’s investment decisions can be found in the profit and loss under the heading, net investment decisions excluding financial expenses, the figure quoted here is, 33,958 Million Euro, which is an increase from 30,562 Million Euro, from the previous year. There were significant acquisitions and disposals of investments in this year 2013. Beginning in 2012, AXA had an agreement with HSBC, where AXA would acquire HBCS’s P&C business in Hong Kong, Singapore and Mexico, on top of this, AXA would gain a 10 year exclusive P&C bancassurance deal with HSBC in those countries, as well with China, India, and Indonesia. The acquisition of the Hong Kong and Singapore sections of HSBC’s P&C business, was completed on November 5th 2012, this also started, the bancassurance in these countries. In April 2013, AXA completed the purchase of the Mexican section of the P&C business and subsequently started the P&C bancassurance cooperation in the country and also in India and China. AXA also acquired 50% of Tian Ping Insurance Company limited. This is a Chinese insurance company that focuses mainly on
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