Financial System of Kazakhstan

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Suleyman Demirel University Course work: Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of financial system in Kazakhstan Done by: Abeu Azamat Economics1 Date______________ Almaty 2010 Introduction Financial relations forms there where are funds of money is. Only with the advent of the state and the regular commodity-money reference there is an economic category the finance. Finance is objectively necessary, their necessity is caused by existence of commodity manufacture, the reference, and also action of the law of cost. The monetary relations developing between the enterprises in their economic activities, the circulation of funds in the course of manufacture mediates. A material basis of the…show more content…
Weaknesses have been revealed in structure of state regulation and in activity of financial institutions. Problems of financial institutions were showed in imperfection and discrepancy of control systems by risks to modern lines and level of accepted risks (both on degree, and on quality of risks), low level of the corporate governance, an insufficient transparency and, as consequence, an inefficiency of the business models, appeared sensitive to negative tendencies. One of distinctive features of the post crisis period is necessity of elimination of the revealed problems of financial sector, correction of the admitted errors and maintenance stable diversified growth. It is necessary to continue work on creation of a modern, steady and competitive financial system of sovereign Kazakhstan. In this work used a proceedings of domestic and foreign scientists; rich world’s experience of functioning of financially-credit systems of the countries with the developed and developing market economy, principles of systematization and developments. Main part CONCEPT OF THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM By definition, the financial system is a set of financial relations. By the nature financial relations are distributive, and cost distribution is carried out first of all on subjects. Subjects form monetary funds of a special-purpose designation
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