Financial and Marketing Proposal

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Financial and Marketing Proposal John Doe Custom Snowboards Inc. Company History: Founded 1995 by James Rooney and Justin Stringer. Began as a small coat company but quickly expanded into making snowboarding equipment. Mission Statement: Custom Snowboards outfits outdoor enthusiasts with unmatched performance and advanced technology in snowboards and snowboarding equipment. Key competitors: Burton Snowboards, Salomon Snowboards & Bonfire Snowboarding. Industry Background Apparel Manufacturing Industry grossed $7.2 Billion, 6% growth - 2008 Company and Industry Background 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 Net Sales $1,356,039 $1,287,672 $1,555,791 $1,095,307 $951,786 Net Income $144,452 $123,018 $130,736 $138,624 $120,121 Our recommendation is to expand into sports equipment industry by offering a full line of snowboards and snowboard equipment in Europe. Competitive Environment Industry Rivalry: Medium. Products are interchangeable Numerous established competitors Supplier Power: Low. Raw materials (wood) are plentiful, no threat of forward integration. Buyer Power: Low. products sold through many smaller retailers with limited bargaining power. Threat of Entry: Low. High Brand Awareness, economies of scale. Substitutes: Medium. Other extreme sports such as mountain biking, climbing, etc Snow Boarding Equipment Industry Five Force Analysis Sports Equipment Industry Broad Market Narrow Market
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