Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis: MNC Versus SME

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Introduction: This report looks at the benefits and challenges SME in working with MNCs, and examines strategies for establishing SME-MNC connections and relationship, allowing them to open new horizon & improve their abilities to expand and prosper. For MNCs, working with SMEs can bring benefits such as lower costs, enhanced innovative capacity, and increased flexibility in responding to changing conditions. The JAR submission format would layout are in following sequence of: Introduction; Reason for choosing the article; Article Summary; Article Critique; Concluding Comments and last but not lease, References. Reason for choosing the article: It was a clear decision to select this article mainly due to: * Working in…show more content…
Additionally, they jointly provide a range of perspectives covering both advanced and emerging economy contexts. It was rather surprising and interesting to me that one recommended business strategy for SMEs to combat, penetrate and allies with big league players like MNC was military style concept strategic asymmetry which demonstrate good radical yet effective in tackling and overcoming huge constraint and issue when connecting and establishing positive strong linkage relationship that were concerned with the role of social capital in SME internationalization. The introduction of three simple key stages of strategies; Forming, Consolidating & Extending were explained comprehensively giving readers a good structured relationship strategies concepts and illustrating various SMEs attempts. Particularly I strongly agree the written points on the importance for the need for both SME and MNC in building commitment on partnership and agreements but must maintain honest, ethical behavior in business approach on both sides to ensure no abuse of power and status that may severely impact the law and relationship through un-resolving dispute highly may affect the entire company moral, reputation, creditability and team excellence. The author also emphasis the importance of the need for SME to have deep understanding of the competitive environment and obtain key objective appraisal of resources (intangible) is essential. In this article, suggested four items

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