Finc600 Week 2 Practice Quiz

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FINC600 Week 2 Practice Quiz Click Link Below To Buy: Corporate Finance Week 2 Practice Quiz Question 1 of 15 If the Wall Street Journal Quotation for a company has the following values close: 55.14; Net chg: = + 1.04; then the closing price for the stock for the previous trading day was? A. $56.18 B. $54.10 C. $55.66 D. None of the above. Feedback: Previous closing = today's closing net chg. = 55.14 - 1.04 = $54.10 Question 2 of 15 The value of a common stock today depends on: A. Number of shares outstanding and the number of shareholders B. The expected future dividends and the discount rate C. the Wall Street analysts…show more content…
II only C. III only D. None of the above Question 15 of 15 For example, in the case of an electric car project, which of the following cash flows should be treated as incremental flows when deciding whether to go ahead with the project? A.The cost of research and development undertaken for developing the electric car in the past three years B.The annual depreciation charge Correct C.Tax savings resulting from the depreciation charges D.Dividend
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