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Assignment 1: Finding the leader in you: Self – Assessment /Johari Window Leadership can be considered in terms of power capacity and opportunity to give to others, the desire to get involved and take action to achieve a collective goal or achieve a common goal. This power derives an estimated authority, trust or reference mentor who cannot be decreed. Leadership is no way from a status, function or any degree of responsibility. It owes its existence to the recognition of others. 1. Develop a profile of your personality characteristics and assessment results. Personality is not only specific to each, but also a psychological identity of a person distinctive behavioral singularity. It is forged throughout life, from a set of…show more content…
Today 's manager must be proactive because technology is advancing very quickly. He must master his professional environment to be effective. In today organization, the person in charge of management should be able to instigate actions and creative ideas. In the ever more demanding world of work, many companies are seeking individuals with more proactive qualities, individuals who take initiative and engage in proactive problem solving. Research supports this, showing that proactive personality is positively related to job performance, creativity, leadership and career success. (Shermerhorn and other 2012). This assessment is applied to Late Steve Job, Co-founder of Apple Company. In term of products, Apple has been at the top for a while. That company is making products better than anyone else for years. The reason of their success is that Steve was anticipating what people’s needs would be in the future, not what they are right now. A manager has to identify where the market is heading, not where it is right now. That means, he should have a vision. That is one of Steve job traits. I can add imagination and passion. Steve Job has the imagination to create an IPhone which at that time was unique. IPhone is an assemble of six or more most needed products. (Watch, flashlight, telephone, camera, camcorder, music box, calculator and many others services). That was a
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