Find Your Way To Cross The Air Research Paper

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Find your way to cross River rafting in the Sierras, summiting Mount Everest, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, all for the sake of adrenaline and adventure. “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” The author of this quote, Rabindranath Tagore, explains that staying at home, doing nothing will not change your life in anyway. This quote is relevant to extreme sports and those that get satisfaction from risking everything. You couldn’t achieve the extreme feeling of climbing mountains, wingsuit flying, white water rafting, or parasailing until you make the effort. Though many people are attracted to more dangerous activities to achieve excitement, others are happy to avoid risking their lives are injury. Why not take a chance? Say you want to climb Mount Everest. Before you climb it, you have to prepare for years and then it takes an average of forty days climbing to the summit. People spend thousands of dollars and some lose their lives just to ‘cross the sea’...for the mere ability to say they climbed Mount Everest. The climbers do this dangerous sport so they can feel a sense of accomplishment and do one of the most extreme activities in the world. Those that desire to climb the mountain would risk their lives for this extreme experience. The amount of effort behind it can sometimes scare…show more content…
In “A Solemn Warning to Wingsuit Flyers,” Lola Jones describes the death of a very respected wingsuit flyer, Geoffrey Robson, and explains, ‘“If he were two metres higher, he would have survived” said his jumping companions, and that is the name of the game with wingsuit flying. It is an inherently dangerous sport…” People who don’t take the risk with extreme sports can also still get satisfaction in life. Not everyone needs to jump off a cliff to be at
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